Job Resources

The following state-specific job sites are free for job-seekers. I’ve also looked to make sure that each site provides multiple resources and links.


This job-seeking site, called “Work 4 Illinois,” provides you with leads for working for the state of Illinois. It’s an electronic hiring system that runs across the entire state and is designed to give everyone freer access to the Illinois state job market. Priority is given to Illinois Veterans over Illinois non-Veterans. Additionally, priority is given to qualified out-of-state Veterans over non-Veterans in the same category. You can search job listings, various forms, applications, counseling, FAQ, Veterans’ programs, internships and disabled programs.

The Career Builder site allows you to search by state. On CareerBuilder, you can narrow your search by sector or category, by company and by town or city. The advanced search lets you narrow your search even more specifically. You can post and maintain your resume, set up email alerts and save searches.


The Indiana Career Connect site gives you the search option as an employee and an employer. It allows you to search by keyword, zip code and radius. It provides resources for Veterans, youth, education and training. You can also research the job market and current trends. You can create and post your resume as well.

Work One Northern Indiana puts you in touch with the best job-seeking websites in Indiana as well as training and education. Work One is definitively link-rich and collaborates with other organizations to effectively serve job-seekers.


This Iowa state job site provides you with all of the necessary resources and information you’ll need to apply for an Iowa state job. You have access to sector information and trends, salaries, benefits, forms, applications and training.

Iowa Works is another site that contains many resources for the job-seeker, including links to multiple job sites across the state of Iowa.


Kansas Works is an easy to use job site that also gives you Veteran and career education resources. You can also file for unemployment here and get job fair information.

KC Jobs allows you to conduct advanced job category search, create your resume, set up email alerts, save jobs and much more.


Pure Michigan Talent Connect offers services for Veterans, a bi-weekly newsletter and tutorials to assist you in your job search.

Oakland Community College provides you with a very comprehensive list of sites for job-seekers. You’ll also find career resources and information on training and education.


Minnesota Jobs lets you set up email alerts, use keyword searches and post your resume. You’ll also find good helpful articles and a list of companies committed to hiring Veterans.

Minnesota Works is a simple site where you can post your resume, conduct advanced searches, set up email alerts or get direct contact from potential employers. It also gives you a listing of training sessions to ensure your job hunt success.


Missouri Help Wanted is a comprehensive site that allows you to post your resume onto multiple sites with a click.

This St. Louis based site gives you one-click applications once you have your account set up. It also has a blog that provides you with informative articles and job-hunting advice.


Career Link lets you search by career, employer, geography or industry. It gives you site navigation help and notification of job fairs.

Job Hunt is a site filled with resources for the Nebraska job hunter. You’ll find a list of job hunting sites as well as resource and networking links.

North Dakota:

Jobs North Dakota is an official job hunting site for North Dakota. You’ll find a wealth of resources for unemployment benefits, Veterans and job market trends.

North Dakota Jobs is a very simple, uncluttered site that allows you to search by keywords and location. You can also filter by company, top searches and city.

South Dakota:

This is South Dakota’s official state site. Not only can you access all things pertaining to state government, but public and private jobs as well.

Nation Job gives you a job search organizer as well as resources for career testing and free industry publications. You’ll also get information about salary, resumes, certification, education and relocation.


Job Center of Wisconsin assists you with job seeker tools and unemployment claims. It’s a comprehensive site that connects you with many aspects of the job hunt.

Making an account with Jobing gives you help in developing your own resume website.

No matter which Midwestern state you’re looking to find a job in, these job-seeking sites will help you find the job that’s right for you. The Midwest is an absolutely wonderful place to live and work!


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