Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are now being planned for the season in your area. The farmers market is a great way to have fun, make friends and bring home some really good food.

What’s at a Farmers Market?  The farmers market offers items such as grass-fed meats, artisan cheeses, organic and mega-fresh produce, herbs, free-range eggs, hand-gathered honey, handcrafted jams, baked goods and flowers. Many farmers markets are now offering rubs, sauces, infused oils and gluten-free items as well. Many large and long-established farmers markets will offer entertainment and activities for children.

Be wary of buying produce or other items that you can get yourself at the local supermarket. For instance, if you see bananas or coconuts at a farmers market in Wisconsin— pass them up. Now if you’re looking for those and they’re a great deal, by all means go ahead and pick them up.

How Do You Find a Farmers Market?  Are you now eager to find a market near you? It’s not too difficult to find a farmers market in your area. Local Harvest is a website that gives you the scoop on what’s happening in the world of organic and local foods.The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) also gives you a comprehensive listing that includes winter markets, products available, state contacts and payment types accepted. This site is operated by the AMS for the USDA National Farmers Market Directory. These sites are powerful resources. You can also visit your local newspaper’s website, which will give you information about the farmers markets in your area.

There are more than 5,000 farmers markets in the United States– which means that there’s probably one near you! Now is the time to find one in your area. Plan now to visit your local farmers market. Meet interesting people, make friends and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor!

Spring is here and summer’s around the corner. Now’s the time to start planning to visit your local farmers market. If you’re a country girl like me, you probably grew up with at least one garden plot in your back yard. In the summer, I could walk out to the back of our property and pluck a large, juicy tomato or a dark and glossy spiny-skinned cucumber from our garden. I would then take it to the garden hose, wash it off and then sink my teeth into it. I can’t explain a more pleasurable experience for a country kid on a hot July afternoon!

If you didn’t grow up in the country and you didn’t have the chance to experience this, you can do it now by finding your local farmers market. Depending on where you’re located, you’ll find farmers markets year-round or during warm months. The farmers market down the street from me runs on Fridays from June through October.